What are oversize / oversized loads?

Date added: 25.06.2019

Elements of tunnels, bridges, wind turbines, installations for platforms and huge parts for building houses. they always have to be produced somewhere somewhere and then transported to the destination. Transportation of oversized cargo requires special attention and knowledge.

Oversize / oversize loads are those that have larger dimensions than those specified in national or international law. Organizing the logistics of such transport requires a lot of experience of the contracting company.

Knowledge of foreign languages will be required here, so that you can easily get a permit or fill out the bill of lading. It is also important to become familiar with the transport law of all countries through which cargo will pass. By checking each point of the route, we can guarantee the security of the delivery of goods always on time.

Oversize / oversize loads are divided into:

long – they reach a length of up to 60 meters, most often we will meet them in construction
bigger than normal car sets – these vehicles weigh more than 23 tons, their length reaches up to 16 meters. These loads must be properly arranged and secured
bulky – loads of huge sizes, but with a small mass. The transport of such cargo must be well planned, due to the infrastructure. Here, the forwarder must calculate and measure each stage of the transport route.
heavy with concentrated weight – in order to transport specialized loads, we need a multi-axle semi-trailer that will spread the weight of the load reaching even 100 tons

Oversized loads require a lot of time and accuracy on the part of the shipper. He must take into account every scenario that may occur during transport. The carrier, whose task is to transport an oversize load, must know all regulations, how to handle it and have a card with instructions on how to deal with the vehicle and the load in case of any random incident.

Polish legal regulations include loads with a total weight of 42 tonnes, width is 2.5 m, and a maximum length of 16.5 meters, height 4 m. When we want to transport such a load, we have to ask professionals to not expose themselves to punishment or destruction of cargo or other property.