How to distinguish transport services from forwarding services? We answer!

Date added: 11.10.2018

Many people who do not know the topic confuse two basic concepts – transport and forwarding are not synonyms! Surprised? We are able to explain to you what are the basic differences in these two industries that depend on each other. Let’s start with the fact that forwarding can cover much more elements than just transport. This is the main difference between these two concepts – the transport in turn is meant to move the load from place to place b.

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As we have already mentioned – forwarding has a much wider range of work compared to the transport services themselves. The truth is that you can specify transport as one of the components that make up freight forwarding. In the simplest terms – forwarding is referred to as the organization of the commodity duct and the accompanying processes, such as accepting orders and forwarding consultancy. It is the person like the freight forwarder who can decide which type of transport will best suit the particular product that needs to be moved. It is also the job of the shipper to send goods, receive them, and to take care of transport documentation. The forwarding gives its customers the option of insuring their goods, thanks to which they gain the confidence that they will reach the place safely. Remember that sometimes the freight forwarder must control the transport taking place in very different ways, which are intertwined with each other – it may be road transport, i.e. land transport, but also water and air transport.

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What other task do I have for the forwarder? It will surely be an additional organization of storing goods, managing the sale of cargo, issuing a notification for individual shipments and many more. It must be admitted that the scope of work of such a person as the forwarder is really wide. It is for this reason that there is a need for cooperation between him and subcontractors. The carrier responsible for an element such as transport is one of them. It also happens that the person responsible for forwarding takes contact with insurance companies, customs officers, airports or sea ports. The contract with the forwarding company should take a different form than the contract with the transport company. Its record should be definitely broader and also include elements that go beyond the transport of goods. It must be admitted that the forwarder bears the majority of responsibility – he must lead to timely delivery of goods and bear responsibility for any errors made by the carrier – unless the contract treats differently. Remember, however, that transport of goods in the city of Szczecin is worth to a proven company – preferably by recommendation.

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