Specialist transport – how to organize it?

Date added: 28.12.2018

More and more Polish companies are choosing to export their goods. First of all, we export on the European Union market, however, Poland cooperates with many different countries on different continents. Even a small, local company may decide to transport its products abroad if it finds a demand there. In the case of some goods, however, specialized transport is necessary, which should be handled by specialized specialized services.

Fortunately, there are many transport companies operating in Poland that are well aware of these issues and are able to organize, for example, adr transport in accordance with all norms and laws. These types of substances are dangerous and must always be transported in specialized vehicles, appropriately prepared for this purpose. Of course, the cost of such a transport is slightly larger than in the case of traditional goods that are transported by such companies every day.

Problems can also be caused by the transport of category 3, which is always verified in detail by the services. In particular today, when Poland is struggling with the problem of ASF, these types of vehicles can be controlled even several times in one day. When deciding on the services of transport companies, you must always read the contract before signing it. In addition, it is worth to opt for transport insurance, although most companies decide to do so regardless of the customer.


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