Professional refrigerated transport

Date added: 25.06.2019

All goods that are sensitive to external factors must be transported in a strictly defined manner and while maintaining strict regulations. Cheese, yogurt, frozen foods, fish, delicatessen products, medicines, high-quality goods – when exposed to too high or too low a temperature they can break down and become completely useless.

Refrigerated vehicle
The vehicle to which the loads are transported should be fully operational and tight. It is possible to transport goods at two temperatures. The cooler with bulkhead enables the separation of the loading area and the transport of products that have different requirements. Carriers also use tz. isotherm. The isotherms do not have a refrigeration system, but are made of materials that keep the cold inside the vehicle.

Food transport

The most demanding in this sector are all groceries that are quickly and easily destroyed. When fruit, vegetables or meat break down – the whole load will have to go to a loss, and no one in his company would like to bring it to such a situation. Frozen food, delicatessen products and fish do not have a long expiration date, which is why food transport must be professionally planned and made.

Pharmaceutical transport

Drugs, supplements and vitamins must be transported in the vehicle with the possibility of temperature monitoring. Pharmaceutical products contain various chemical substances that can lose their properties under the influence of temperature or become harmful to health. Therefore, it is very important that pharmacies, stores with supplements and conditioners have a well-developed distribution chain. When transporting medicines, it is also important to protect substances that can not be combined with each other. All transport logistics must take into account all regulations and properties of the goods.

Loads of the highest quality

Top quality goods that have a high value should be transported in well-protected vehicles. When transport passes through dangerous countries where seizures often occur, we keep strict safety regulations. Our procedures of loading, unloading and general terms of transport of valuable goods guarantee security and professional execution of the order even in the most difficult conditions.

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