Logistics and forwarding – how they differ, what scope of work they include?

Date added: 30.04.2019

Logistics and forwarding – how they differ, what scope of work they include?

Many companies offer logistic and forwarding services without knowing the scope of works of these two services. It must be emphasized that logistics and forwarding never meant the same. That is why it is worth to read the definitions of these words so that you can distinguish them in the future without any problems.

First of all, it is important that logistics is a science that covers broadly understood topics and details related to the transport of goods. It is planning, designing, controlling and supervising transport orders. Logistyk is a person who cares about the efficiency and efficiency of the order. She must be familiar with transport technology, know the design processes and be able to manage and organize time not only for herself, but also for her colleagues. Logistics work does not end with the completed order. After each order, the logistics company must analyze whether the entire process was carried out as planned and whether he foresaw all the eventualities that arose during the execution of the given order. When it comes to confirming logistic skills, it is usually the diploma of graduating from this university.

So what is the logistics different from forwarding?

Forwarding – it is mainly organizing the transport of various goods. Forwarding is part of logistics. The Freight Forwarder is responsible for the administrative part of the order service. It accepts orders from clients and concludes contracts with them. He fills in the required documents and translates them into his native language. The Freight Forwarder arranges the means of transport with which the cargo is to be transported. It handles all consents and presents to the client how the legal regulations in a given country look like. The forwarder always has the most contact with the customer. His work really consists in carrying out the planned activities that the logistics team has prepared for him.
Penetration of logistics and forwarding
Therefore, the work of logistics and forwarder will always penetrate and connect. The logistics company includes forwarder activities in his plans. It is important that both the logistics and the forwarder have direct contact with each other and plan the forwarder’s work together. This significantly facilitates cooperation between them, and thus they can comprehensively and professionally serve their client.

How to choose the best logistics company or shipping company?
Companies that offer logistic and forwarding services usually do not fully meet the assumed functions of these professions and the forwarder is also often a logistics specialist. Unfortunately, such a solution may seem to bring savings, but in the long run unskilled logistics is a shot in the knee and many problems that can create from ignorance. Therefore, the best solution is to commission your logistics company that is reliable and expertly planning the entire distribution. Over 15 years on the market we try to implement European service standards, the satisfaction of our exceptional customers is always the most important for us. V4L is a logistics and forwarding company that knows what it’s doing. We work with qualified logisticians who, with experience and prudence, choose forwarders with whom they will work well. Thanks to a good and healthy atmosphere, planning and carrying out transport orders is pure pleasure for us. Do not hesitate to write to us and express your price of transporting your cargo to any place in the world.