Marking and Labelling of Dangerous Goods

Date added: 23.10.2018

When it comes to transporting dangerous loads, there are a lot of rules that regulate how it should look. One of the most important is that packages containing dangerous goods must be marked to identify their dangerous properties. This warns everyone who transports goods or who collects goods in an emergency situation about their content. Every company offering transport in Szczecin must remember this because all other practices are illegal.

International forwarding – what are the signs of dangerous transport?

In the case of transport, dangerous goods are marked with a number, a proper shipping name and a warning label of the class (diamond-shaped). Some products also have special warning signs about hazards that other labels or signs do not contain. For example, when it comes to ADR transport of products toxic to the aquatic environment – they must be identified with a sign of substances hazardous to the environment (a diamond-shaped symbol of a dead fish and tree).

Hazardous goods packed for retail sale do not always have a diamond-shaped label on their packaging, but they are marked with warnings to identify the hazards they present. This is another rule that no refrigerated transport can omit. Examples of plaques with dangerous materials are very easy to access on the web and there is no problem to get a better understanding of this topic and get the right information about it.

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