Duties related to the forwarding of dangerous goods

Date added: 24.10.2018

Dangerous goods intended for land transport include a variety of substances and objects with explosive and flammable properties. It is also about Szczecin’s transport of toxic, infectious, corrosive or environmentally damaging materials, as well as containers in which dangerous goods are stored. All classes of dangerous goods are described in the UN official recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods – which must be read by any company providing ADR transport.

Refrigerated transport: what are my duties?

Anyone involved in the transport of dangerous goods must follow this principle. Responsibilities are allocated according to the tasks and you are responsible for all tasks that have been assigned to you.

The consignors (manufacturers, importers or distributors) are responsible for the packaging, labeling and marking of dangerous goods, as well as the delivery of documents regarding dangerous goods and the provision of information on response to failures.

Persons responsible for transport preparation are responsible for checking packaging, labeling and marking for visible defects, preparing a loading plan or container, and segregating incompatible dangerous goods. Well-organized international forwarding is also responsible for compliance with special loading instructions attached to dangerous goods documents, as well as the designation of a vehicle or freight container.