Cargo insurance in international transport

Date added: 25.06.2019

OCP – Carrier’s liability insurance. In the event of any damage to the cargo, the costs are borne by the insurer who previously committed himself under the contract.

What is OCP?

OCP is additional and voluntary insurance. Many customers, however, want to guarantee the safety of their cargo and require OCP from the carrier. The insurance is a guarantee of the order. The customer can be sure that in the event of non-execution or delay, the carrier covers all material losses.

OCP premium

The premium is calculated on the basis of the annual turnover of the person or holding. The amount provided by the insurance company should be equal to the value of the transported goods. So that we have a guarantee that we will get a refund of repair costs. There is also the possibility of insurance with your own participation. Then the entrepreneur must guarantee to cover some losses. It is worth noting whether the carrier insures higher-risk charges as. medicines, dairy products, meat, ADR and other dangerous substances.

Read and read again

Before we agree to sign any document, we should check which items are insured and what will have to be divided. Many insurance companies have reserved the conditions through which we may not get our insurance. Above all, you must not use a vehicle which is inefficient, you can not pass the goods on to third parties, you can not drive into some countries or drive under the influence of alcohol. Breaking one of the regulations may threaten to be detained by the Slovak Police.

Types of OCP

OCP insurance is distinguished in terms of classification. There are two types of this national and international insurance. Thanks to this we can prevent getting sick. In the event of an accident, it enables transfer of financial responsibility to the closest person.

It is worth paying attention

First of all, we should carefully read the contract that we conclude with the insurance company. Insurance companies create their attractive offers, excluding many accidental insurance events. For example, we must remember to check whether the terms of the contract include goods and situations that may happen on the road.

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